Agony: Literary Pitch

3D nuclear explosion

Brandon’s ex-girlfriend is kicking him out right in the middle of the pandemic. Oh, and the atom bomb is about to be dropped ten miles from where he lives. Could 2020 get any worse?

For Brandon, yes. He’s discovered every time he dies, his consciousness starts again thirty minutes earlier, the next parallel universe over. Unable to convince his ex of the danger the city is in, he spends life after life, orchestrating the perfect act in order to achieve two impossible tasks: win Penelope’s trust and get out of Los Angeles in under thirty minutes.

Agony (historical fiction/thriller) follows multiple PoC characters through the first 24 hours of the nuclear apocalypse. Set against 2020’s backdrop of racial tension, authoritarianism, and patriarchal overreach, each chapter builds upon the mystery and understanding of the last. As beloved characters die, the reader experiences the adrenaline, fear, and scientific horror show that will be the end of the world.

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Published by Patrick Healy

Writer. Artist. Menace.

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