Should Yelp Give 5 Stars?

“You’re made everyone laugh. You’ve made everyone feel inspired. You’ve made everyone here feel important. There is little more impact that anyone can ever make on an organization than that.”

Jeremy Sebastien, VP-Operations, SlideGenius

Experience. Creativity. Leadership.

These aren’t just great Scrabble hands. They’re what you need in your next hire.

Since 2009, I’ve written for a wide variety of platforms, verticals and audiences. In that time, I’ve learned not just to use words in order to transcend space and time, but how to develop writers, work under pressure and provide interdeparmental leadership.

I’d like to share some of my available work to give you a sense of what I’ve done. To discover what I can do, reach out and talk to me.

Web Copy and Landing Pages

Looking for engaging, effective web-copy? Engage your audience quickly while communicating your ideas clearly when you employ Patrick Healy.

“Thanks so much. I think your team has done as excellent job. Just what I was hoping for and can’t thank you enough. I spent hours working… and could have just hired you in the first place and made it so much easier for myself.”

Client review

Blog & SEO Content

Laying the SEO-foundation of a new site? Trying to capture new readers through subject expansion? Why trust SERP-domination to a fresh-faced writer when you can employ someone who actually remembers what a dial-tone sounds like?

“Patrick did a bang-up job making this work.”

Client review

Creative Storytelling

Forget all that gross marketing stuff! You’re looking for heart, humor and horror. If your audience doesn’t feel something, what’s the point? While much of my client-work is under NDA, my work in comics remains under my control and will give all the emotion, narrative development and onomatopoeia your heart desires!

“He is one of those people that are not only a tremendous asset in their skill set but an absolute joy to be around as well… he works hard not only to exceed the client’s expectations but lift up our team in the process.

Sierra Linn, Creative Director, SlideGenius

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