Tiffany Caddell: ADOBE FRESCO

Artist Tiffany Caddell discusses her experience exploring Adobe Fresco

Blending the lines between digital and traditional art has gotten easier for Tiffany Caddell.

As Adobe’s new app, Fresco, continues to build a devoted following, artists like Tiffany are finding greater opportunities to create digital art that feels more “real”.

Adobe Fresco art by Tiffany Caddell
Adobe Fresco art by Tiffany Caddell
All work by Tiffany Caddell

Adobe’s products are beloved by designers and artists everywhere, but mainstays like Photoshop and Illustrator struggled to bring in those who were grounded in more traditional backgrounds.

Tiffany doesn’t think of herself as a digital artist, though these days she seldom turns to her canvas. “For a very long time, I had the skills and the aptitude to work digitally but I preferred the textures of what I did in person. I could see those little details and remember where I was in time and in my heart in that moment. Digital art was fun, but it lacked that personal connection to me.”

Adobe Fresco art by Tiffany Caddell
Adobe Fresco art by Tiffany Caddell

While Photoshop and Illustrator are engaging, they both leave something to be desired for the traditional artist. By mirroring Photoshop’s ability to easily mimic real-life brushes like those created by Kyle T. Webster, or Illustrator’s ability to provide a more fluid and forgiving experience for artists, Fresco has combined the best of both.

Adobe Fresco art by Tiffany Caddell

The best part is how exceptionally easy the program is to use. “After only a few hours, I felt so comfortable with the app. It really came to me naturally. I feel like anybody could use this. It’s very user-friendly.

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