“Genie in a Bottle”

Much of these scripts were predetermined by what few claims legal approved and by the nature of direct response marketing. In order to try to explore new means of bringing call volume back up, this commercial was to explore what inherent value production costs really added to outcomes when a celebrity spokesperson isn’t in frontContinue reading ““Genie in a Bottle””

Sales Assets | The NPD Group

Creating sales assets for this client involved helping their target audience visualize the benefits of market analysis. Many business leaders prefer to go with their gut and see market analysis as an unnecessary expenditure. By highlighting the access to hard data we made more salient the value of predictive services for the target audience.

Sales Assets | Metlife

This client tasked us with creating marketing materials to explain their various services to human resource decision makers (HRDMs) and health plan leaders (HPLs). We were later tasked with reworking messaging for their internal communications and investor updates. We employed a simple, natural-language headline approach that made reading slides easier for their customers and clients.Continue reading “Sales Assets | Metlife”

Sales Assets | Medtronic

Grouping information by topic allowed the many facets of value made them easier to recognize. Highlighting relevant facts and figures meant that even if the sales people struggled with the overall content, the finer points were clear. Blending design with messaging made it a useful sales tool, allowing the sales rep to sit down withContinue reading “Sales Assets | Medtronic”