Corporate Trading Homepage

Elevating Value Statements A scrolling hero leads the page with the company’s central value props. The means of liquidating these assets was vast and somewhat imaginative. Opening at the highest conceptual level allowed us to reach the widest audience. Having conceptually introduced the company, we move more into specifcs in the second module. This linkedContinue reading “Corporate Trading Homepage”

Design Agency Homepage

The static hero image did not feature or convey their design capabilities. The red and white color palette was intense and alarming. Image of Powerpoint slides were given depth, giving the impression they specialized in printed materials. CTA’s looked like self-destruct buttons. SlideGenius had to appeal to multiple industries and companies at various degrees ofContinue reading “Design Agency Homepage”

Health Services Homepage

Before Their top navigation made it harder for prospective clients to find the information they needed to make a decision. The design attempted to put everything immediately in view as soon as you landed on the page. See what happened next, step by step. After A simplified top navigation drives the eye to clear pointsContinue reading “Health Services Homepage”