Design Agency Homepage

The static hero image did not feature or convey their design capabilities. The red and white color palette was intense and alarming. Image of Powerpoint slides were given depth, giving the impression they specialized in printed materials. CTA’s looked like self-destruct buttons. SlideGenius had to appeal to multiple industries and companies at various degrees ofContinue reading “Design Agency Homepage”

Increasing Organic Web Growth

Patrick began with the niche audience and reviewing what the various partners offered that demographic. “Nexus” pages were proposed to feature the companies offerings and partners relevant to the topic. He identified musculoskeletal conditions, mental health and genetharpy as ideal subjects for these pages. These pages not only increase time on site, they would… ExamplesContinue reading “Increasing Organic Web Growth”

Driving New Sign-Ups

Information architecture is a marketing pathway Your information architecture (IA) is the path users take to your intended outcome. If the one goal of a house is to provide a place for you rest at night, consider all the pathways you can take to enter your house and reach your bed. There may be directContinue reading “Driving New Sign-Ups”