Nexus Strategy Communication

Communicating Strategy The video below is Patrick’s original proposal. By using Evernorth’s brand palette and elements from their homepage at the time, the audience could see the problems and the opportunity for change more clearly. The presentation leverages existing examples within the website to demonstrate the function and feasibility. This also reminded the audience theContinue reading “Nexus Strategy Communication”

Communicating Strategy in Scripts

The video above is a PPT-script animating as it would upon review. The work in this example involved two outreach campaigns. The first was to drive vaccination rates, A/B testing incentivized messaging versus non-incentivized messaging. The second was to increase the rates of people taking their annual health risk assessment. Communicating Strategy The first fewContinue reading “Communicating Strategy in Scripts”

Langing Page Script and UX

This UX wireframe proposed specific testimonials, hyperlinking to where they currently existed online. These were provided to ensure the marketing team had options. The link at the top connected to Google trends results indicating which language choices performed best in terms of popularity and natural language. This mobile app wireframe was designed for A/B testing,Continue reading “Langing Page Script and UX”