Marketing Director

Patrick Joseph Healy smiles at you.

Patrick’s leadership and marketing history make him an ideal candidate for this role. His experience in direct response and content marketing has demonstrated his gift for strategy and tone. His experience building a new copy department and developing writers while still exceeding clients’ expectations illustrates his ability to please any audience, internal or external.

Better Outcomes

Patrick’s diverse experience makes him an agile thinker and true problem-solver. Here are just a few examples of success stories that were built on his strategies.


In 2009, Patrick joined the marketing department at IDW Publishing. He spent the next six years working in content strategy. In 2016, he began writing direct response marketing commercials for cable television as Senior Writer for Continuity Products.

In 2016, Patrick was asked to join SlideGenius and build a new department offering copy services. Working directly with the marketing teams for Fortune 500 clients, he also developed a team of writers to create effective messaging. Here he further developed a talent for reaching any audience in any business vertical.

In 2018, Patrick’s marketing expertise made him the ideal choice to help inform the UX team of a major U.S. health service provider. Here he worked with a wide spectrum of clients within the healthcare industry, helping them to build websites and craft outreach that would deliver better results for everyone.


Below you’ll a wide array of material from Patrick’s various work over the years.

Personal Values

Hard work and honesty are central values Patrick holds. But two mottos are particularly dear to him. The first is “Kindness and courtesy”, a reminder that everyone in every situation deserves both these things. Sometimes this is easy, sometimes it’s more challenging, but it’s always rewarding and worth the focus.

The second is “Make every joke”. Laughter and humor are how we live and breathe, where we release our stress and find new strength. “Make every joke” is a reminder to fearlessly pursue joy and share it with others. These values help Patrick to not only meet every challenge with a good spirit, they help him to inspire others to do the same.

More About Patrick

Looking to learn more about your next hire? Read about Patrick’s leadership history, his education, or what people think of him.

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