Lonely Clone

Future home of the Lonely Clone podcast, featuring designer Kara Kirchhoff and writer Patrick Healy. These two best friends discuss creativity, work-life, gender relations, parenting and self-worth.


  • Work-life: Our thoughts on how work effects us, seeks to control us, how it seeks to seem like it’s necessary when it’s really designed to exploit us
  • Gender-relations: Male/female interactions, how men interpret women, how women struggle to communicate to men, patriarchy
  • Parenting: The struggle of raising children in the post-apocalypse, overcoming conservative values and striking a balance with what we think is right
  1. Is a five-day work week necessary? Why don’t our bosses agree?

Are male/female friendships important? Why so?

  • What are the difficulties?
  • What are the benefits?
  • How can they be more effective?
  • Research articles on this subject, there must be millions

Should women stop taking their husband’s names?

  • It’s heteronormative
  • It’s falling out of fashion meaning family trees will change

Should you go to college?

  • As two parents, we have to ask ourselves what to promote in terms of educational aspirations
  • Colleges are part of a scam to exploit… everyone
  • However, we know that there are benefits, we know people with a college education are less likely to vote for Trump, they are more likely to be critical thinkers
  • What’s the problem? We value career as the goal of education without considering personal enrichment
  • So what do you tell your kids?

Mindfulness Exercises

Gender-Pay Gap, Why Don’t Men Care?

  • People who are not disadvantaged, don’t care, which is why the world sucks so much, we are exiting a period of great and unprecedented advantage, beginning with the baby boomers and ending with Gen X
  • White men, I can say as one, genuinely struggle to understand hardships we don’t face and we think the world is good, because to us it is, and so if you are unhappy, it must be you, it must be something on your end, because otherwise we have to oppose our own prosperity
  • And fortunately, complacency is so easy, the only we have to do is find a way to not care about it in this minute and put the rest either in the past, for conservatives, or the future for liberals. “Just don’t do anything today,” is our mantra.
  • However, pay inequality creates an uneven landscape, and wouldn’t you rather base your foundation on an even landscape?
  • By increasing the pay to women, the GDP would increase fifteen percent considering a one to one male to female population. Women would be able to support themselves and raise the children you don’t want to father without ever bothering you, dual-incomes household could afford to better homes, or to help their children pay for college

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