Thorp | Seed & Spark

In 2017, Patrick was contacted by the creative team for a new independent film, “Thorp“. Given his previous experience working in crowdfunding, he was asked to create a crowdfunding strategy. In addition to developing the marketing strategy for the Seed & Spark campaign, Patrick was also asked to contribute to the incentives by designing aContinue reading “Thorp | Seed & Spark”

Rx Yo’Self | Kickstarter

While developing my personal brand, I often shared my own artwork. The video above was shared on Instagram as part of this practice. The online response it received was of particular interest when I was looking to explore online merchandising. In 2016, following a recently successful Kickstarter, Patrick was eager to see how quickly heContinue reading “Rx Yo’Self | Kickstarter”

Social Media

Instagram Platform Building In 2014, Patrick was looking to expand his sources of online revenue. He created an Instagram account to share his art and expand his audience. In order to develop a profitable online presence, he needed to determine what sort of projects his following would support. Creating Content for Trending Tags In exploreContinue reading “Social Media”