Content Marketing

Homepage redesigns Before & Afters A homepage has to speak to the widest audience possible while being precisely clear about what its value is. Inbound marketing works best when content is self-explanatory and easily discovered. MDLIVE MDLIVE catered to four different audiences, each with their own sense of urgency and expectation of value. Saying itContinue reading “Content Marketing”

Blog & SEO Strategy

Marketing/Editorial Internship Patrick’s first job out of college was as an intern for both the editorial and marketing departments of IDW Publishing. Here he learned not only how to master a story whether in fiction or in a press release, but the value of content that links to another page. The company primary sold itsContinue reading “Blog & SEO Strategy”

Marketing Assets

Media Kits Personality Media Kits | ComcastArt Director – Copy Work for this client included marketing collateral to spotlight shows like “Morning Joe” and “The Beat with Ari Melber” to new advertisers and reaffirm relations with current sponsors. Other marketing materials promoted their various networks to distributors. This material often focused on creating a clearContinue reading “Marketing Assets”

Direct Response Marketing

Patrick became the Senior Writer at Continuity Products in 2016. Here he wrote direct response marketing commercials for late night television. It was a chance to learn how to do more than write and build websites. Video editing, sound design, and directing onscreen talent became talents the company used more and more frequently. “Muffin Top”SeniorContinue reading “Direct Response Marketing”