BACK THAT ASS UPTO THE FUTURE ROW 1 Panel 1:  Full row, very narrow. We see the flaming tire tracks headed to the horizon, and the title (click here for reference): TEXT 01: BACK THAT ASS UP TO THE FUTURE ROW 2 Panel 2:  We see Lorraine standing at the curb, outside her house atContinue reading “BACK (THAT ASS UP) TO THE FUTURE…”

American Institution

Comic Script This is a three-panel, noir political cartoon. ROW 1 Panel 1: We see a close up on a woman’s face, her eyes are large, she’s happy and looking towards the top of the panel. She’s very well-lit, darkness on either side of her. We see tech-word balloons, as though from a television. NEWSContinue reading “American Institution”

Short Walk

Comic Script Setting, “Short Walk”,  a small strip of wooden shops and parlors, no bigger than two blocks, resembling this on both sides with a well in the center of the small town.  Characters, “The Missionary Twins”, they dress in dark hats and vests, with striped shirts. JONAH, tall, slender, long black hair, of NativeContinue reading “Short Walk”