Increasing Leads Across Verticals

SlideGenius helped a great many of start-ups raise enough money to get off the ground. Patrick determined The CEO’s blog strategy had been been focused on repeating keywords “presentation” or “powerpoint”. This created a lot of internal competition among these articles to rank very high on search engine response pages (SERPs). The demand to perpetuallyContinue reading “Increasing Leads Across Verticals”

Website Traffic Growth Strategy

Dependpent upon site traffic for revenue and with no budget for advertising, Graphic Policy needed to find a way to quickly increase its profile within its niche-market. Success in Patrick’s role meant elevating the websites profile to reach a wider audience. A new publisher, Aftershock Comics, was trying to attract the industry’s A-list talent byContinue reading “Website Traffic Growth Strategy”

Increasing Organic Web Growth

Patrick began with the niche audience and reviewing what the various partners offered that demographic. “Nexus” pages were proposed to feature the companies offerings and partners relevant to the topic. He identified musculoskeletal conditions, mental health and genetharpy as ideal subjects for these pages. These pages not only increase time on site, they would… ExamplesContinue reading “Increasing Organic Web Growth”

Driving New Sign-Ups

Information architecture is a marketing pathway Your information architecture (IA) is the path users take to your intended outcome. If the one goal of a house is to provide a place for you rest at night, consider all the pathways you can take to enter your house and reach your bed. There may be directContinue reading “Driving New Sign-Ups”

Activation Emails

Driving Activation Rates In order to increase activation rates, Patrick applied different psychological nudge techinques to determine which approaches would best move the needle given different sets of circumstances. Nudge techniques, like the endowment effect, or the Ziegnarnik principle, are methods of placing ourselves in our audience’s shoes long enough to help remove the pathContinue reading “Activation Emails”