Internal Presentations | Facebook

This client worked in an understaffed marketing department. After handling a few overflow assignments, we were tapped more routinely for internal presentations as individuals made their pitches for what direction they thought the company should take regarding specific technological investments, app development, or various other initiatives. More than selling the idea, the task was toContinue reading “Internal Presentations | Facebook”

Sales Assets | The NPD Group

Creating sales assets for this client involved helping their target audience visualize the benefits of market analysis. Many business leaders prefer to go with their gut and see market analysis as an unnecessary expenditure. By highlighting the access to hard data we made more salient the value of predictive services for the target audience.

Retail Marketing | T-Mobile

Patrick worked directly with the client to understand their priorities and challenges and divised solutions with his team of writers. Together they delivered effective marketing and sales assets. Work with this client largely centered around featuring their brand and products to distributors, whether these were franchises or independent cell phone retailers. This meant being ableContinue reading “Retail Marketing | T-Mobile”

Sales Assets | Metlife

This client tasked us with creating marketing materials to explain their various services to human resource decision makers (HRDMs) and health plan leaders (HPLs). We were later tasked with reworking messaging for their internal communications and investor updates. We employed a simple, natural-language headline approach that made reading slides easier for their customers and clients.Continue reading “Sales Assets | Metlife”

Sales Assets | Medtronic

Grouping information by topic allowed the many facets of value made them easier to recognize. Highlighting relevant facts and figures meant that even if the sales people struggled with the overall content, the finer points were clear. Blending design with messaging made it a useful sales tool, allowing the sales rep to sit down withContinue reading “Sales Assets | Medtronic”

Tourism Media Kits | Delta Air Lines

This client needed to expand its routes to profitable new locations. These materials were designed to demonstrate market need for expanding routes into new airports. The audience for these materials had to see clear benefits to local tourism as product of the new route. These materials featured customer feedback, population statistics about the connecting cities,Continue reading “Tourism Media Kits | Delta Air Lines”

Personality Media Kits | NASCAR

The client needed help connecting potential sponsors to their various drivers. Media kits drive up demand for real estate on a car or jumpsuit which justify higher rates. Our work helped connect specific drivers to ideal sponsors by featuring social media statistics, television appearnace, charity work, and personal life. These materials also helped increase endorsementContinue reading “Personality Media Kits | NASCAR”

Personality Media Kits | Comcast

Work for this client included marketing collateral to spotlight shows like “Morning Joe” and “The Beat with Ari Melber” to new advertisers and reaffirm relations with current sponsors. Other materials promoted their various networks to distributors. This material often focused on creating a clear image of a specific audience, leveraging Nielsen data and social mediaContinue reading “Personality Media Kits | Comcast”

FIT Roller Explainer

“FIT Roller Explainer”Director, senior writer This client needed an explainer video for a muscle roller they sold for ten times higher than the market average. Unlike regular muscle rollers, this product’s greatest benefit was its ability to instantly reach hot or cold temperatures. Simply saying it wasn’t enough to really convey the experience. An actorContinue reading “FIT Roller Explainer”

Financial Technology Homepage

Before The original page featured an over abundance of text, none of which told a story or made salient the risk/reward proposition. It also lacked a human element, which helps people connect to material longer. After By adding a scrolling hero, not one but several human faces greet the audience at the top of theContinue reading “Financial Technology Homepage”