B2B UX Wireframe

MDLIVE determined early on they wanted to distinguish their B2B and B2C experiences with a table designed to address their many audiences. This iteration recommend placing the three audiences at the top of the sorting table. By placing their largest B2B audience at the far left, the most relevant audience could most readily see theirContinue reading “B2B UX Wireframe”

Langing Page Script and UX

This UX wireframe proposed specific testimonials, hyperlinking to where they currently existed online. These were provided to ensure the marketing team had options. The link at the top connected to Google trends results indicating which language choices performed best in terms of popularity and natural language. This mobile app wireframe was designed for A/B testing,Continue reading “Langing Page Script and UX”

“About Us” Script and UX

Some of the things this new UX wireframe offered over the old experience was that it kept the audience on the website, rather than sending them to LinkedIn, and it place their customer service number near the carousel of their C-suite to make both the B2B and B2C audience feel seen, further building trust. TheContinue reading ““About Us” Script and UX”

B2C UX Wireframe

UX Overview for “Patients” Page This slideshow will let you scan these modules quickly. Continue down the page for a discussion of each module. Stakeholder Communication The work makes clear which existing pages and content blocks are being referenced in it the design, which pages will be linked to, if there are any pop-ups, andContinue reading “B2C UX Wireframe”

FIT Roller Explainer

“FIT Roller Explainer”Director, senior writer This client needed an explainer video for a muscle roller they sold for ten times higher than the market average. Unlike regular muscle rollers, this product’s greatest benefit was its ability to instantly reach hot or cold temperatures. Simply saying it wasn’t enough to really convey the experience. An actorContinue reading “FIT Roller Explainer”

Health Services Landing Page

Evernorth’s Musculoskeletal Skeletal Resources Evernorth struggled to find its voice with so many different partners and so many various solution. The trick was to find the audiences with the most relevant overlap between those two things. As opposed to the Lipozene audience, this was not a reactive crowd. Potential clients could take 18 months toContinue reading “Health Services Landing Page”

Mobile App Landing Page

Express Scripts’ Mobile App Promoting the transition to digital and telehealth was a major short-term goal for the company. We facillitated fast action for audience memebers who find the page with their minds already made up. We added a QR code to the top of the page for desktop users, and store buttons for mobileContinue reading “Mobile App Landing Page”