“Cheaters” was an attempt to wake-up married couples watching TV on the couch or in bed. It’s provactive opening captures the audience’s attention in order to help it standout against a barrage of other advertisement. Bright tones and contrast were designed to excite late-night views. The affable and direct manner of the couple was intendedContinue reading ““Cheaters””

“Swimsuit Season with the Peetes”

Rodney Peete and Holly Robinson Peete were chosen for their ability to speak to both the male and female audience. Their spots performed well and the claims were relatively stable for the product, so the work for their campaign was largely creating scenarios and settings that were relatable to the audience. “Swimsuit Season” was aContinue reading ““Swimsuit Season with the Peetes””

“Genie in a Bottle”

Much of these scripts were predetermined by what few claims legal approved and by the nature of direct response marketing. In order to try to explore new means of bringing call volume back up, this commercial was to explore what inherent value production costs really added to outcomes when a celebrity spokesperson isn’t in frontContinue reading ““Genie in a Bottle””


The marketing director wanted to see how mimicking weight loss commercials from the post-war era would connect to the audience. This scripts mirrors a commercial from the early 1950’s, making allowances for new legal language. The spot itself sought to engage audiences through a cheerful tone. Ultimately it performed very poorly. In retrospect, the commercialsContinue reading ““Retro””

“Swimsuit Season with Nadia”

In order to test the direct effect budget had on sales, Continuity Products would run lower-budget alternatives with the same claims and language in order to see if the same results could be achieved for less. Nadia was a frequent collaborator and a particularly good choice given that she was bilingual. However her spots performedContinue reading ““Swimsuit Season with Nadia””

“Knee Surgery”

Many things were factoring into the decrease in sales. These commercials aired on late night cable television as many people were “cutting the cord”. A series of lawsuits had limited what legal would approve in the messaging. Further the fallout from the Fen-Phen fad left many consumers wary of weight loss pills. An early concernContinue reading ““Knee Surgery””

“Advice Guy”

When asked to breathe new life into Lipozene’s struggling late-night advertising, comedian Chip Nicholson was one of the first people Patrick spoke to. Together they created a script designed for late-night audiences using humor to engage and entertain. The spot performed poorly against the cost of advertising as this was Q3 of 2016 when theContinue reading ““Advice Guy””

Direct Response Marketing

Patrick became the Senior Writer at Continuity Products in 2016. Here he wrote direct response marketing commercials for late night television. It was a chance to learn how to do more than write and build websites. Video editing, sound design, and directing onscreen talent became talents the company used more and more frequently. “Muffin Top”SeniorContinue reading “Direct Response Marketing”