What’s hyperactivity?

The misconception of “‘hyperactivity” may be part of the reason more women aren’t diagnosed. Here’s why it matters.

03 | “That Night”

If a girl asks me what I do, I say “fashion”. If a guy asks, “I work at a clothing store”. Neither are true anymore.

Agony: Literary Pitch

Brandon spends life after life orchestrating the perfect act for two impossible tasks: win ex’s trust and get out of L.A. in 30 minutes.


I’ve never met you. But I believe in you. Let inspire and support your creativity.

Head Trauma

Blood collected along the lower seam of the airbag in big, pregnant bulges, each releasing, splatting between her feet.

Classroom Visitor

Kimberly Yates never heard a man choke on his own blood before. She was hardly ten years old. But she’d never forget the sound, either.


Cooper’s the best dog on the block. He’s the only dog on the block, actually. Didn’t used to be.


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