Nexus Pages

Marketing problem:When Cigna formed Evernorth Health Services to tie it’s many acquisitions into a single brand and website, they struggled to capture their various niche markets while failing to engage in their broad messaging. Their homepage epitomized their struggle to speak directly to any signle audience. They had 19,000 monthly site vistiors and it tookContinue reading “Nexus Pages”


For Patrick, the decision to work with a company that primarily advertised weight loss pills was difficult. Given his psychology background, and based on discussion he had with friends and family, he knew these commercials could be superficial or unhealthy. However, Patrick had tried the product himself and believed in it. The experience in writingContinue reading “Commercials”

Cigna Activation Emails

It’s true, departments within these institutions are tasked with driving actions that lower costs down the line for the business. Whether this is informing the audiene of their next best health actions, reminding them to fillout their health risk assessment, or partake in postive behavior-change activities, if these departments can’t drive outcomes in their givenContinue reading “Cigna Activation Emails”