The Fiver

“The Fiver” was submitted to call for “Fever” themed work. Fearing all the submitted content would be strikingly similar Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever, Patrick brought a new spin to the theme.



We see a building, across it there’s a big sign that say “The Comic Jam”.

Writer: So he turns to his brother, they’re beaten and bleeding, they’re standing over the body of the bad guy and the money… it’s just laying there.

Editor: “Lying” there.

We see an editor’s office, let’s make this guy look as much like Casey Allen as we can. He’s leaning on a crowded desk, filled with comics. He’s tired, overworked and a bit impatient. Across from him sits a writer, who maybe looks a lot like me. The writer is energetic and enthralled by his own story.

Writer: Before you know it, they’re throwing punches, taking punches, each one lands so hard, you think it’ll kill the other but every the other just throws another. The arctic base is burning down around them, the smoke is growing thick, the glacier is melting but the fight continues.

Panel 3:

We see two virtually identical John McLane types. Maybe their shirts are different colors. We see the chaos described. We hear the writers words continue. One McLane is decidedly knocking out the other as they fight over the body of their villain.

Writer: All of a sudden, there’s a crack. One solid punch breaks the others neck. It’s victory! But at what cost… what sacrifice?

Panel 4:

The McLane picks up the bill, tearful but overly dramatic.

Writer: He’s crying, hates himself, and says to his dead brother…

McLane 1: I’m sorry. But I need this fiver.

Writer: And that’s it. How far he had to go for that one simple thing.

Panel 5:

We’re back with Writer and Editor. The Editor is not in the least bit amused.

Editor: The assignment theme was “The Fever”.

Panel 6:

Not missing a beat or changing his expression.

Writer: I don’t have a script for that.

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