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During Patrick’s time at IDW Publishing, he spent time with the editing department. Here he’d developed a reputation for being able to identify what worked and didn’t in a story.

With Ascension Comics, Patrick was able to spotlight what was working in comics each week as they came, showcased with humor and wit. Of course, the perfect audience for this was other MST3K fans who read comics.

Patrick knew where to turn.

Mike Nelson, MST3K’s host during the television shows later seasons, had recently begun his own company, “riffing” or providing humurous commentary on Hollywood movies and sold it online as company called Rifftrax. This company was based in San Diego, not far from where Patrick lived.

Having met Nelson a few times, he agreed to be interviewed and shared it to his social media during the promotion of one of his live events. His following gravitated towards Patrick’s review of mainstream and indie comics. Ascension Comics became an affiliate marketer for Rifftrax, receiving a precentage of sales from generated traffic.

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