Snorkeling in La Jolla

When Patrick was in the second grade, his dad turned on Jaws, sat Patrick down with his little brother, and then left the room.

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To quote Jurassic Park, “He left us! He left us!”

Patrick grew up with a great deal of anxiety about the ocean. He began snorkeling to face his fear. Living in San Diego has provided an opportunity to experience the ocean in ways Hollywood doesn’t care to show. Swimming with leopard sharks is an incredibly fun to experience.

Of course, swimming near seals can bring risks. When Patrick finds himself in the middle of the water remembering scenes from Jaws, there’s a chance there’s an unseen great white watching. But after all these years, he’s never had a run-in. He found confidence great whites are not only not a threat to humans but largely disinterested in them. That’s a confidence he would have never discovered on the couch.

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