Connie Healy

Patrick’s mother’s career as a popular TV newswoman brought her to San Diego a year before Patrick was born. From field reporting to her anchoring the daily news, Connie Healy was known and recognized throughout town for being both honest and approachable.

She taught her sons integrity, honesty, and putting the public trust above all else.

Authenticity was an early character trait for Patrick.

In 1982, Connie’s on-air pregnancy was virtually unheard of and even considered scandalous despite being a married woman. Yet it also garnered more viewer ship as she progessed. After Patrick was born, it was common he would be used in market pieces, comparing the performance of diapers of children’s toys. Before filming, they’d always say, “Act naturally.”

As a result Patrick became comfortable being in the spotlight and sharing his authentic self with others, no matter the circumstance.

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