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In 2021, Cigna’s Evernorth Health Services hired Patrick to bring his marketing expertise as they integrated their new partner services into a single brand experience. One of Patrick’s first initiative’s in this position was to draw attention to how the website had prioritized “single brand” and as a product, the site did not encourage much exploration. Patrick proposed creating “nexus pages” which would not only attract organic traffic, but effectively redirect the appropriate audience to the right partner.

Communicating Strategy

The video below is Patrick’s original proposal. By using Evernorth’s brand palette and elements from their homepage at the time, the audience could see the problems and the opportunity for change more clearly.

This video presents the original proposal for nexus pages as a marketing solution. Sensitive information has been sanitized to protect privacy. “The Makins” by Nangdo has been added to replace the internal nature of the original audio.

The presentation leverages existing examples within the website to demonstrate the function and feasibility. This also reminded the audience the idea wasn’t “new” but a realization of a good practice. Illustrating how much interconnectivity each page offered also helped quantify, however hypothetically, what the positive outcomes would be. Listing potential topics informed by internal research also made it easier for the marketing heads to decide to invest money in this direction.

Was this presentation successful? Find out!

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