B2C UX Wireframe

Wireframe for MDLIVE's patient page written by UX content writer Patrick Healy

UX Overview for “Patients” Page

This slideshow will let you scan these modules quickly. Continue down the page for a discussion of each module.

Stakeholder Communication

Wireframe by Patrick Healy in role as UX content writer

The work makes clear which existing pages and content blocks are being referenced in it the design, which pages will be linked to, if there are any pop-ups, and which pages if any will be eliminated or rendered redundant.

Taglines and Improved Messaging

Wireframe by Patrick Healy in role as UX content writer

Here the intended and suggested content for the hero image was presented, including new taglines and clearer messaging.

Improving User Experiences

Focused on the customer’s experience, a search function was purposed and illustrated to allow any audience to search a symptom, find the relevant teleheatlh service from their offerings if one existed, know the price, and navigate instantly to that patient. This wireframe also illustrates through the use of tables how conditions that are not covered are addressed.

UX Supports Discovery

Wireframing for UX content writing work by Patrick Healy

Following the broader search functionality with core services facilitated more exploration for audiences that weren’t sure of what they were looking for. It improved navigation without requiring changes to the top nav. Testimonials were placed directly after, so an uncertain audience might feel more trusting of the brand.

Building Trust and Credibility

Existing marketing collateral was incorporated to better leverage its value. This video of an individual improves the connection with the audience.

Strategic UX Content

Following the CTA is strategic content designed to address hestitancies or misgivings the audience may have at this point. These would be informed by questions driving call center traffic or email outreach. This UX wireframe better informs the audience and reduces communicative burdens of MDLIVE.

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