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Express Scripts’ Mobile App

Promoting the transition to digital and telehealth was a major short-term goal for the company.

We facillitated fast action for audience memebers who find the page with their minds already made up. We added a QR code to the top of the page for desktop users, and store buttons for mobile users to go directly to the app’s page. We created a warm tone with our choice of photography, which communicates value with a happy expression turned towards a mobile device.

Leveraging existing marketing material, we added an explainer video right after the top and the first CTA, to educate audience members who were not ready to take action.

We addressed common medications by adding them into our demo-images and designed the page to focus on value-props without competing with other design elements.

“At-home delivery” being one of the app’s greatest value-adds, we addressed that not only in explanatory copy, but by making that convenience clear through imagery.

Highlighting the millions of reviews and the app’s 4.8-star rating, we established social proof that app was a good investment.

Having developed a strong argument for action, we placed a second CTA at the bottom which captured the demo imagery from earlier in the page and connected people to the app store.

This final CTA is minimize bouncing at the bottom of the page. In order to keep people on the site who have already passed on two CTA’s, we felt the next best step was to educate the audience on Express Scripts’ corporate identity.

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