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Evernorth’s Musculoskeletal Skeletal Resources

Evernorth struggled to find its voice with so many different partners and so many various solution. The trick was to find the audiences with the most relevant overlap between those two things.

As opposed to the Lipozene audience, this was not a reactive crowd. Potential clients could take 18 months to take action and they often wanted to be well informed before they did.

One of the greatest areas of overlap was for individuals who required musculoskeletal (or “MSK”) treatment. As such, the word was essential to our H1 strategy. Unfortunately, given the site’s style guides, we were not able to effectively pair it with imagery as the “musculoskeletal” tended to intrude on the selected image in mobile view.

As a solution, we placed the desired imagery next. This allowed us to pair it with humanizing the text that connected the content to the user.

This page allowed Evernroth to appear as an authoritative source on the subject, establishing trust with the audience.

The homepage struggled to speak to a specific audience. However, this page allowed us to speak more specifically to the value proposition that served the MSK-related audience. This meant more salient reasoning for the benefits of working with Evernorth. This section itself adds to the authority and sense of authenticity by linking to a new page focused specifically on providing care to this population.

Evernorth sought to blend empathy and technology into its brand. By explaining how their care was human-focused and data-driven, the largest purchasers (human resource decision makers or health plan leaders) who easily visualize how they would improve outcomes and lower costs.

Given the value the target audience placed on being informed, this page spends more time detailing how it delivers success.

Without a lot of CTA’s on the page, value propositions seem to have more value. Being hit with routine requests to “Act now” cause the reader to have their guard up, always asking, “Is this really worth it?” Without forcing the audience to ask that question by barraging them, they may more organically come to that decision.

Nearing the bottom of the page, the CTA feels more genuine. The micro copy “contact us” is inviting and without time-constraint.

As the target audience, human resource decision makers or health plan leaders, will likely not make a decision based on solely on the MSK-needs of their population, the bottom of the page links off to various service clusters within the organization to allow relevant exploration.

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