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Their top navigation made it harder for prospective clients to find the information they needed to make a decision. The design attempted to put everything immediately in view as soon as you landed on the page.

See what happened next, step by step.

By creating graphic contrast between the buttons, we able to increase competing stimulus and more purposefully draw the eye to the marketing team’s preferred pathways.

A simplified top navigation drives the eye to clear points of action. The static hero image conveys they are a telehealth company while more meaningfully engaging the eye with multiple points of direct eye contact.

It’s B2C audience was driven to action because of pain or discomfort. They wanted to be able to take immediae action as soon as they made up their mind. The B2B audience wanted to know their plan members would be able to easily use the website. A plethora of CTA’s was determined to be the solution to both problems.

Cost of care was a huge point of curiousity for the target audience. Reducing excess verbiage and eliminating photopgrahy as a design element here allowed pricing to be easily seen and understood, even on mobile devices.

Featuring accepted insurances reduced the B2C’s hesistancy towards action pertaining to cost.

Featuring the website’s four services not only communicated value to the B2B audience, it allowed for the opportunity to link to content hubs, increasing time on site.

In order to establish legitmacy, the photo of the Chief Medical Officer Eric Weil helped put a single face on an a website and organization that otherwise features many. This conveys a sense of accountability and trustworthiness.

Instead of linking people to the mental health service page, we linked to mental health information. This provided a value-rich pathway to the service for users who self-selected to go that direction.

Less is often more, especially with testimonials. By reducing excess text in this area, and the amount of testimonials displayed at one time, each review is easier to read and its content is thus worth more.

The page closes with driving traffic to the app, which will itself be a portal for account registraion.

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