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The original page featured an over abundance of text, none of which told a story or made salient the risk/reward proposition. It also lacked a human element, which helps people connect to material longer.


By adding a scrolling hero, not one but several human faces greet the audience at the top of the page. The core value props stand out better and the CTA’s are easily found.

Placing their story beneath a rotating carousel of CTA’s helped weed out audience members who weren’t looking to read but rather to act. It allowed for more quality time to spent reading.

Ringmaster’s value offer was more readily understood when given space to be seen.

We presented the value of their products by placing them side by side, which allowed the audience to determine the best match for themselves.

By creating a dedicated spot on the home page for social proof, Ringmaster had a spotlight for press releases it wanted to feature, while drawing the eye to whatever their most treasured review was at the time.

Having established their vision and social authority, this section captures their value offer to potential clients.

Much on the site is visionary, “Just imagine a world…” or “Stop-loss is in our DNA” for example. This low pressure, lead-gen CTA allows the audience to take a meaningful action, convert to lead, without having to overcome the risk/reward analysis that comes with picking up the phone or entering a credit card number. It allows a person to begin a more nuanced discussion specific to the individual that might not have begun were the micro copy a pressured “Act now” rather than “Submit”.

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