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The static hero image did not feature or convey their design capabilities. The red and white color palette was intense and alarming. Image of Powerpoint slides were given depth, giving the impression they specialized in printed materials. CTA’s looked like self-destruct buttons.

SlideGenius had to appeal to multiple industries and companies at various degrees of success. The H1 strategy was designed to appeal to start-ups looking to raise capital. The supporting text attempts to address the wide range of audiences and deliverables that could be accomodated.

Many accounts began with marketing teams reaching out unable to make a deadline. For that reason, the phone number for the sales team and a lead-gen CTA were place immediately below the hero image. For those who are not ready to take immediate action, the company’s thee value props are immediately featured by a rotating carousel of their high-profile client’s logos.

This lead into a rotating carousel of testimonials from other high-profile clients. Following the lead-gen CTA was ”Trusted by over 3,000 international clients”, followed by logos, supported by specific testimony with names and faces, social proof is established by setting a very general tone and boiling it down into great specificity.

The direct appeal to enterprise clients is actually intended for both their audiences, as start-ups often see themselves on the path to being an enterprise themselves. This made the H2 word choice all the more effective with the start-up audience because it connected to both their short-term and long-term goals.

This apporach front-loads trust and credibility, so that whe the audience finds what they’re presumably looking for (the portfolio), they’re not only blown away by the design, they’re already convinced they trust SlideGenius to deliver.

Having proven the company’s design capabilities, the various presentation services were collected and demonstrated onpage before clicking off to specific landping pages.

The bottom of page showcases the avarious deliverables the comapny can provide, linking off to relevant landing pages showcasing portfolios. This helped increase time on site and session duration.

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