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Corporate trading helps liquidate troubled real estate

Elevating Value Statements

A scrolling hero leads the page with the company’s central value props. The means of liquidating these assets was vast and somewhat imaginative. Opening at the highest conceptual level allowed us to reach the widest audience.

Having conceptually introduced the company, we move more into specifcs in the second module. This linked off to a list of assets the company purchased and how. Regarding “risk/reward” analysis, the “Learn more” micro copy is low-pressure, which matches the lack of clarity and specificity to this point. In essence, it’s okay to not understand because there’s little to lose.

The company truly had its own identity early on and the client very much wanted that reflected on the homepage. By linking to these posts we increased session duration for new visitors.

The second to last module is typically a sales-driven CTA. But the client preferred to continue educating the audience until they were compelled to use the contact information at the top and bottom of the page. This meant fewer leads but those of greater quality.

Ending the page on their commitment to working with Veterans rather than making a plea for new business exemplified the client’s integrity.

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