“You’ve made everyone laugh. You’ve made everyone feel inspired. You’ve made everyone here feel important. There is little more impact that anyone can ever make on an organization than that.”

Jeremy Sebastien, VP-Operations, SlideGenius

Mike Condry, Director of Design

Meet Mike

“Thanks so much. I think your team has done an excellent job. Just what I was hoping for and can’t thank you enough. I spent hours working… and could have just hired you in the first place and made it so much easier for myself.”

Client review

Jeremy Sebastien, Vice President of Operations

Meet Jeremy

“Patrick did a bang-up job making this work.”

Client review

Chip Nicholson, Talent/Collaborator

Meet Chip

“He is one of those people that are not only a tremendous asset in their skill set but an absolute joy to be around as well… he works hard not only to exceed the client’s expectations but lift up our team in the process.

Sierra Linn, Creative Director, SlideGenius

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