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Express Scripts wanted to improve performance for its mobile app landing page. Patrick was selected for his marketing experience to content. This page will show the page as it was originally, along with scripting to indicate where and why certain elements should change.

Mobile App Landing Page | BEFORE

An excess of text and communication made the font size small. It overwhelmed the eye. There was no human element. These two things drive bounce rates.

The landing page for this mobile app continued to overwhelm the eye and these button CTA’s immediately follow the first two, which creates a sense of pressure that increases the perception of risk.

The value props needed to arrive sooner on the page, and certainly didn’t require supporting explanations on what they meant.

This is the third occurence of these two buttons in four screens. Value had only been discussed once.

The page ends by asking the user to begin a lengthy task, registration, without connecting it to the mobile app at all. It feels disconnected and fails to keep the user on the site.

Scripting and feedback

Patrick gives tremendous thought to each project. Explaining that rationale to others is central to communicating the value of his strategy. Here are three rounds of Word document scripts. Using tables, standard web formatting can be replicated. Each module shares its strategy at the bottom.

The first vision sought to bring in human imagery and reduce excess verbiage. Reducing cognitive overload is an effective technique of improving marketing value. It introduces social proof in the second module, followed quickly by a direct CTA, then a softer CTA using the vaccination record has incentive towards action. This way the page built its value, then offered two approaches to the same action.

Being resourceful can help keep landing page development projects under budget. The second iteration of the script, or UX wireframe, elevated existing marketing material, namely an explainer video that made the app’s function and benefits immediately clear. It sought to feature specifc screenshots from the UX to make it seem approachable and illustrate what it could do.

Testing is an important part of landing page development. This V3 iteration featured two versions for A/B testing, one featuring highlights and one without. These versions also featured refreshed SEO, modifying text to match the findings of current trends. This script also brought in specific testimonials from our given resource.

UX wireframe for health services mobile app by Patrick Heal
UX wireframe for health services mobile app by Patrick Heal
UX wireframe for health services mobile app by Patrick Heal

Mobile App Landing Page | AFTER

Utlimately the “B” version, featuring the app’s highlights was chosen. The new page led to 23% increase in downloads according to the client’s marketing team.

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