Increasing Leads Across Verticals

SlideGenius helped a great many of start-ups raise enough money to get off the ground. Patrick determined

The CEO’s blog strategy had been been focused on repeating keywords “presentation” or “powerpoint”. This created a lot of internal competition among these articles to rank very high on search engine response pages (SERPs). The demand to perpetually create content on this theme had generated a lot of “academic” material, such as how to use Microsoft PowerPoint. The leads these pages generated were kids looking for help school or people who wanted help recovering their own PowerPoint presentations.

The blog needed to create value for entrepreneurs, who were the target audience for this kind of design work.

How to Increase Leads Across a Wide Audience

The CEO identified markets he wanted to move into more . Working with his writers, Patrick created a content strategy focused specifically on helping entrepreneurs in that vertical raise capital. The SEO strategy broke from the homogenous self-descriptors and moved closer into view of the people looking to do exactly what SlideGenius could support.

An example of this is the “Jumpstarting Your Construction Company” article. This article was designed to later be promoted on social media, targeting zip codes where the local economy was showing growth.

Once the target audience was on the website, they were shown portfolio pieces from the construction vertical and a list of clients they’d worked for.

SlideGenius created marketing assets for clients in every vertical.

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