Website Traffic Growth Strategy

Dependpent upon site traffic for revenue and with no budget for advertising, Graphic Policy needed to find a way to quickly increase its profile within its niche-market. Success in Patrick’s role meant elevating the websites profile to reach a wider audience.

A new publisher, Aftershock Comics, was trying to attract the industry’s A-list talent by offering them more creative control and ownership than larger publishers tended to. By using connections from his experience in the industry, Patrick got to know the Editor-in-Chief, Mike Marts.

AfterShock’s own marketing team drove a lot of traffic to the website by promoting the article. They connected their A-list talent to Graphic Policy writers whenever it came time to promote new books. These comic writers and artists all had huge social media followings relative to Graphic Policy’s, which was part of the reason AfterShock was approaching them to begin with.

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