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The marketing value of purposeful SEO strategy became clear to Patrick early in his career. His first career experience was working in the marketing department of a growing comic book publisher, IDW. Here he realized the power of searchability and linking.

Marketing/Editorial Internship

Patrick’s first job out of college was as an intern for both the editorial and marketing departments of IDW Publishing. Here he learned not only how to master a story whether in fiction or in a press release, but the value of content that links to another page. The company primary sold its products through direct distributors, but their website had its own store. Thus every piece of content was not valuable for its present messaging but its future capacity to direct the audience to a product.

Freelance Online Writing

Patrick began writing freelance for Examiner, earning revenue by driving traffic to his articles. Utitlizing the same connectivity principle he’d learned at IDW Publishing, he created a content schedule that not only aligned with popular trends, it connected to other articles through subject matter or by the writer or artist. This created a profitable network of reviews requiring constant work to keep up to date.

Website Building

In order to increase his share of ad revenue, Patrick created his own website. The success of this website rested on the ability to create connectivity to already highly-traffic articles. Using his newlestter, and linking his exisiting body of work to the new content, the website quickly saw new readership.

Freelance Blog Writing

Patrick also wrote blogs for clients. Here he was able to utilize aspects of SEO marketing that had been less effective for his own audience. He’s written for clients in a variety of verticals, including fitness, staffing, and local events. By helping clients develop better SEO strategies, they can improve their online visibility and improve their business.

Blog & SEO Strategy

This telehealth client needed to feature its mental health offerings in a way that felt accessible to people who might not identify as “needing mental health”. This selection of articles was chosen to communicate compassion and make the audience more curious about their own mental health. By featuring this content on the Primary Care, Urgent Care, and Dermatology pages, more audiences were given a softer approach to a subject they may have otherwise avoided.

This client sold a “lifestyle supplement” alternative to weight loss products like Lipozene. These blog articles were featured on the product’s landing page in order to combat a sense of shame or reservation that might have otherwise suppressed engagement. They also laced the website with SEO keywords that match the brand’s tone.

This client placed a high value on integrity. Placing articles on their homepage helped highlight their priorities and values quickly to their potential clients. By increasing session duration, the likelihood the audience would take action increased.

To reach the multitude of niche audiences Evernorth served, content hubs were created to draw in organic traffic and direct the audience to the appropriate parter entity. These articles were chosen to communicate the company’s as thought leaders in the space of care innovation but they also yielded insight to the marketing team which topics were driving initial interest.

Personal Blog

Between work, family, and working on his latest book, Patrick still makes time to express his understanding of the world, particularly through the lens of his own neurodiversity. This content is to begin building a “neurodivergent section” of Patrick’s following in antcipation of his book about living with ADHD, “Writer. Artist. Menace.”

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Or read Patrick’s writing about neurodiversity on Medium.

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