Applying his B.A. in psychology from San Diego State University, Patrick always tries to figure out the audience, first. From there, he can better formulate where and how to reach them.

Since 2009, he’s worked with many marketing departments across an expansive selection of industries, each with their own audience, distribution, and need. What has been learned in that time allows for dynamic solutions that drive results.

In 2023, Cigna struggled to drive activation rates among their members. They needed someone with a marketing background to help improve their communication to increase results.

Patrick was selected to determine the best solutions. Leveraging various psychological nudge techniques, he set out to test which approaches worked best in which circumstances.

Learn how Patrick drove greater engagement.

In 2022, MDLIVE was looking for a way to decrease its reliance on pay-per-click advertising and improve organic leads. They needed someone with experience creating sales funnels that would support their continued growth.

Patrick performed an audit of the website and discovered key areas that would improve it’s ability to organically generate leads.

Explore how how Patrick mapped the right content structure to increase quality leads.

In 2021, Evernorth Health Services was looking for a way to bring it’s many new acquisitions under a single brand and website. They needed marketer versatile enough to bring in multiple audience and direct them to their partners’ websites.

Patrick volunteered a proposal that would revolutionize the Evernorth website and transform the comapny’s web strategy.

Read how Patrick drove organic traffic to the site.

In 2015, Graphic Policy was a website focusing on the comic book industry looking to grow its readership. They needed someone with marketing experience in the comic book industry to help them reacher their audience.

Patrick identified a budding opportunity on the horizon and was quick to act.

Read how Patrick’s action led to an increase in new traffic and subscriptions.

In 2018, SlideGenius was looking to grow its client list across a collection of different vertical across the nation. They needed someone with web marketing experience to help the engage those audiences.

Patrick developed an approach leveraging marketing data and location-targeting to help grow the client list.

Read how Patrick helped SlideGenius roundout its portfolio.

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